You can "believe" in Gunny Claus and Santa and Christmas.
In the Marines that simply means you believe in family. 

The first sighting of Gunny Claus was Christmas in Marine encampments throughout the Forests of Argonne France during WWI. He continues to return through every generation of the Marine Corps with one special mission, "No Kid Left Behind" #gunnyclaus

There are many Gunny Claus's in the Marine Corps! There are sightings each year on the West Coast, the East Coast and in foreign Countries. You really just never know where he will show up!

Gunny Wolf, the founder and artist of the renown Sempertoons teamed up with Gunny Claus to support Marine Families and Kids at Christmas.

Check out for some great Christmas Cards and Ideas and watch for new items made specifically to support Marine families.

A very Merry Christmas to all Marines and their families.
Gunny Wolf



"No Kid Left Behind at Christmas" . The Mission of the 1st Reindeer Division is to utilize all USMC resources to make certain that kids and families from 1 to 106 years old are remembered at Christmas.  

Priority One is the kids of Marines serving in harm's way. 

The  duties of Marines deployed at the hundreds of duty stations around the world separate them from their families by thousands of miles.  

Christmas Holidays are a difficult time for loved ones as well as the Marine far from home.  We support the many Elves and Christmas Angels that help us each year to accept the challenge of assisting those having trouble making their Christmas magic happen. We stand to protect the family values that make us the Marine Corps we are today.

Semper Fi
Gunny Claus

What a Marine Christmas is all about. Family.