About the Gunny Claus Tour

Christmas in the Marines

Christmas in the Marine Corps is special to the Marine Corps family. Our family includes loved ones at home, our children and our fellow Marines. With different religions, different nationalities and a profound discipline, the common trait of all Marines, is this brotherhood, our family. We all bow our heads to honor our fallen without prejudice to race, religion or color. We adamantly insist without our own regard that no Marine is left behind. We all vow to protect our families and our fellow Marines with a natural instinct known only by those in our ranks.

Marines gather toys across the Nation each year only to give them back to less fortunate children. We help families of deployed Marines, Veterans, handicap children, and homeless Veterans at Christmas. We do this without the need of reward or recognition; this is Honor.

While others celebrate this festive time of the year, we serve on the battlefield far away from our loved ones surrounded by adversities unknown to most. We call this Courage since valor is simply one of our assets.

Marines at Christmas are deployed to hundreds of locations around the world, protecting the interest of this great Nation at Embassy’s, on board ships, in the air, and on distant battlefields. Standing our post at Christmas is not duty, we define it as Commitment.

This is the Marine Christmas.

There are many gifts you can give at Christmas. If you are not deployed, protect the families and kids of those serving abroad as they are your family. If you see a Vet, thank him and wish him a Merry Christmas; take particular care of Kids, they are our future. We have Marines in medical facilities across the Nation; let us never forget any of them. If you have a moment or a free day, stop by and say Merry Christmas to any one of them; this in itself is a reward.

The gift you need to give to your fellow Marines and their families is simply to wish them a Merry Christmas. This gift requires no wrapping and is the greatest gift of all.

Never question if you or your family make a difference, as the answer is clear.

Merry Christmas to all.
Semper Fidelis
Gunny S. Claus
1st Reindeer Division

Who is Gunny Claus - Really...

The first sighting of Gunny Claus was Christmas in Marine encampments throughout the Forests of Argonne France during WWI. He continues to return through every generation of the Marine Corps with one special mission, "No Kid Left Behind" #gunnyclaus

Gunny Claus is a Christmas-time Marine who's special duties take him to many places and always to search for kids who need him. He's known to work with veterans throughout the year, some of whom are homeless and families of veterans.

To schedule Gunny Claus you must be an MCCS Area Coordinator, Family Readiness Officer or Commanding Officer of an active Marine Unit. Gunny Claus only makes appearances on Marine Bases, USO and Veteran Hospitals. Other military installations are also considered. All other requests are considered however must be appropriately approved and in the best interest of Kids. Gunny Claus is approved to visit Veterans Hospitals and the USO.


Gunny Claus
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